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Attention Should Be Paid To The Use Of Humidifier
Dec 24, 2018

1. Air humidifier should be used with caution in patients with arthritis and diabetes. Damp air can aggravate the condition of arthritis, diabetic, reason does not recommend this kind of patient to use commonly. If this kind of patient really needs to use humidifier to reduce the occurrence of complications of a few respiratory tract, should discuss communication with specialized subject doctor to decide appropriate humidity, in order to stabilize the condition of primary pathogenesis.

2. Clean the humidifier regularly according to the instructions in the manual. If the humidifier itself is not sanitary, the bacteria will float in the air with water vapor, which is also harmful to human health.

3. Tap water cannot be directly added to the humidifier. Because tap water contains a variety of minerals, will cause damage to the evaporator of the humidifier, the water and alkali contained will also affect its service life. Chlorine atoms and microorganisms in tap water may be blown into the air with water mist to cause pollution. If the hardness of tap water is high, the humidifier spray because it contains calcium and magnesium ions, will produce white powder, pollution of indoor air.

4, at any time according to the weather conditions, indoor and outdoor temperature adjustment humidifier humidity. It is understood that many patients are only at the beginning of the purchase of air humidifier to adjust the humidity, after the use of very little to adjust. This will make the role of humidifier is greatly reduced, once the weather rains, indoor and outdoor humidity rise, humidifier humidity is still not lowered, virtually increased humidity, not only people feel sticky uncomfortable, for a long time is not conducive to human health; If the weather becomes too dry, and the humidifier humidity is not adjusted high, it weakens the role of the humidifier.

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