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Bathroom Mat USES Diatomaceous Earth, Absorb Water To Prevent Slippery Have Fan Er More
Dec 24, 2018

A lot of people can put a piece of nonskid mat in the bathroom, it is to wipe the water on the foot dry, 2 it is to prevent the vinegar that experiences northern specialty to slip slip in the bathroom.

But it is this anti-skid pad that causes many problems.

Poor skid resistance, moldy, smelly, bacteria petri dishes, cleaning trouble, short service life and so on.

In fact, in the final analysis, the problem is still in the material.

Common nonslip mat is a few wool goods, sponge, plastic what, practical exceed poor!

So now there's a new kind of floor mat -- diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth itself has the characteristics of non-toxic, strong humidity regulation ability and air purification, etc., and its microporous specific surface area is more than 5,000-6000 times that of activated carbon. Without coincidence not mat, the advantage that diatomaceous earth has just can make up for the defect of common ground mat, can say is inborn ground mat material.

Diatomaceous earth has a strong water absorption, which is more than 5,000 times higher than bamboo charcoal. When standing on wet feet, diatomaceous earth is instantly dry. Moreover, diatomaceous earth is covered with 2-50 nanometer pores, which can absorb water and release moisture at the same time.

Diatomaceous earth assumes weak base character, go against bacterium to grow, and diatomaceous earth has porous molecular sieve structure, can hold bacterium fixed, absorb bacterial moisture, let alone breed bacterium hard. Whole family USES same footpad also need not worry about bacterium to cross infection, what Hong Kong foot Macao foot walks away completely!

And this molecular sieve structure, which gives diatomaceous earth its physical adsorption and ion-exchange skills,

It can absorb and decompose formaldehyde, benzene and radioactive substances in the air and convert them into harmless substances. Purify the air, return you a healthy and warm home!

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