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Buy The Skill Of Content Wearing
Dec 24, 2018

All fittings in wei yu, can say to have the effect that make the finishing point, not only necessary, its modelling is various, it is to make the space that defend bath savour a key more, nevertheless still be an old saying, pay attention to beautiful before or be able to be able to live demand is depend on go back, lest see do not use also in vain.

1. Whether the base of the shelf is firm, and whether it is easy to shake when pushing or pulling.

2. Whether the material of the shelf can be damaged, deformed and rusted in a humid environment. Because be in for a long time in damp environment, buy content wearing in the bathroom, because this needs to choose the material that is not easy to be affected with damp, rusting, corrupt is qualitative. Stainless steel and alloy type shelving can be considered.

3. Whether the load bearing capacity of the rack is good, and whether the weight will be deformed. Buy content wearing the basicest is its bear weight ability, the buyer needs the actual weight that stores content to undertake choose and buy according to oneself.

4, pay attention to see a complete set, and the configuration of bathroom three sets (bath, toilet, basin) style matching, ensure the unity of the whole bathroom style.

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