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Common Failure Detection Of Humidifier
Dec 24, 2018

Small humidifier is bringing moist life to us while, also can encounter a few small fault unavoidably. It is necessary to know some basic troubleshooting methods.

1. Not out of the fog

Step 1: spray the tablet to remove scale

Humidifier has no fog, the wind for a long time to use tap water, stay scale caused the shock on the film knot alkali, can not operate normally, fog natural little or spray out. Treatment: self-made lemon to remove scale. Lemon contains a large amount of citrate, which can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salt.

Note: do not use strong acid, is not conducive to maintenance, and there are safety risks.

Step 2: check whether there is any problem with the energy changer

Handling method: open the bottom cover to check whether the insurance is burned, if not, it may be the float stuck, take off the water tank with a cup of water on the machine seat and then try to come out (with manual that float, float is a circle to come, generally is white) such as or not spray will atomization piece replaced. Some atomized sheet is stainless steel, when processing cannot use hard content rub on the skin, once metal coating falls off, atomized sheet cannot work normally, mist cannot come out, need to change, change internal atomized sheet nevertheless, still look for the after-sales service of the product, because the specification of atomized sheet is not same.

Step 3: check whether the fan is blowing

Humidifier work has two conditions: 1. Ceramic oscillator vibration, produce water mist. The fan turns to send the mist out. If it works but the water mist doesn't come out, the fan fails due to improper operation. Processing method: too long no card dead, add some lubricating oil gently lovingly it try, if not go to see the after-sales service.

2. The method of judging the quality of the film

A transducer is a piezoelectric ceramic plate that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is an important component of humidifier. After the humidifier is used for a period of time, it is easy to appear small fog or fog (such as the fountain form only spray column fog), mostly due to the scaling of the energy exchange piece, low efficiency or depolarization failure.

The method that judges change energy piece to stand or fall is: see change energy piece to whether have shatter, defect above all, its surface is thin silver layer smooth whether have fall off and bubble wait for a phenomenon. If there are bubbles and part of the thin silver layer falls off to expose the inner tawny crystal (piezoelectric ceramics), it is considered that the energy exchange plate is extremely inefficient or ineffective. Megohm meter or multimeter R * 10K gear can be used to test whether there is leakage or breakdown. Its leakage of electricity is due to the aging of the waterproof gasket leakage so that the reverse side of the piece of energy or sticky dirt caused by. Can use cotton of anhydrous alcohol to wipe its inside and outside dirty content gently dry with hairdryer, can restore normally commonly.

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