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Diatom Mud Selection Techniques
Dec 24, 2018

First, look at the color. The real diatom mud has a soft color, uniform distribution, and a matte color, which has the effect of mud surface. And fake diatom mud can present oily smooth surface, colour is too gorgeous, have dazzling feeling, use for a long time easy decolorization, design and color.

Second, touch. The real diatom mud feels delicate and has the feeling of pine wood. Its texture pattern is exquisite, smooth and generous, and the artistic impact is strong. Pseudodiatomaceous mud feels rough and hard, like cement and sandstone, and its texture pattern is rigid and rigid, with no aesthetic feeling.

Third, look at water absorption. Because the real diatom mud has the characteristics of porosity and "molecular sieve" structure, it is proved that it has abundant pores by spraying water on the wall of diatom mud. Hold the 2 liter big spray pot, spray the water on the diatom mud wall repeatedly, the water on the real diatom mud wall will be quickly absorbed, gently touch the water spraying wall with the palm, the palm has no water stains, mud, fade, fall off and other phenomena, but also send out a light earth fragrance. And false "diatom mud" metope after spraying water, water will flow down the metope, water intake is very small, unable to repair. In addition, the fake "diatomite" after a pungent odor or because of the adhesive plate solidification and tasteless.

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