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How To Clean The Humidifier
Dec 24, 2018

1. Before cleaning, please turn the power switch on the host machine to the "off" position and unplug the plug, so that cleaning is safer and there will be no electric shock.

2. Pay attention to the fact that before extracting the water tank, please pour out the water stored inside the main engine, otherwise the water will easily flow into the body and damage parts.

3. When cleaning, please use professional scale remover. When operating, pour the solution of scale remover into the storage tank of the main engine.

4. When cleaning scale, use a soft brush to clean around the storage tank first, but be careful not to hit the oscillator with gravity, otherwise it will be damaged.

5. Clean the water level sensor with a soft brush, and be sure to clean the scale, otherwise it will cause blockage and affect the normal operation of the machine.

6. After cleaning, pour out the solution of scale remover in the sink

7. After pouring out the solution, clean the sink with clean water. Do not splash the water into the outlet and pour out the water.

8. During descaling, it is strictly prohibited to use hard objects to scrape and replace the energy sheet, or it may lead to no fog when used next time.

9. In normal use, also pay attention to the replacement of parts, water softener needs to be updated regularly, each distribution department has supply parts.

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