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Kitchen Rack Installation
Dec 24, 2018

First step: convenient and practical, install shelf must be installed when the layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily lives to install, the commonly used, stir fry with you use the location of the installation must be in our cooking place not far away, in other words, we reached to will be able to reach the place, not commonly used we can install or place in the vacancies section of the kitchen.

The 2nd pace: save a space, because the kitchen is smaller place is in our family, so the installation of buy content wearing must save a space, reasonable use the position on our kitchen space, go up in the metope of the kitchen for example, the back side of the kitchen door waits for these places.

The 3rd pace: classification is clear, when placing buy content to wear, we should have put to kitchen appliance classification, buy content to wear is a variety of diversity on the market, resemble what cutters wears, the buy content that places condiment wears, li shui wears (important is to place dish) wait a moment in, install in a reasonable position according to their different category. Asphalt frame can be installed in the next to the sink wash dishes, tool frame can be installed in the corner of the kitchen table, condiment placement frame is installed in a relatively close place from our cooking.

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