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Practical Application Of Wheat Straw Board
Dec 24, 2018

Use agricultural waste fiber, crop straw, fly ash and other manufacturing straw, wheat straw board, ecological door, such as wheat straw as raw material after forming technology for wheat straw board, directional structure can be widely used in wall, roof and floor of the bottom plate, is one of the largest material usage in frame structure building, both heat insulation sound insulation moistureproof, and increase the volume of the building, can greatly reduce the production of steel, the use of cement, brick, also can reduce the deforestation.

Construction works: load-bearing wallboard/non-load-bearing wallboard/floor board/roof board (with light section steel)/building formwork/concrete formwork

Packaging industry: it is the best material for aseptic export packaging, free from inspection/fumigation/moisture/pressure/impact

Interior decoration: particleboard and plywood, wood core board, decorative board upgrade replacement products

Furniture industry: good weight strength ratio; Excellent nail-holding performance is more suitable as the ideal material for furniture

Flooring industry: high quality, solid wood composite flooring substrate

Wheat straw board made from wheat straw is selected as the most important building material, which adds an effective way to the reuse of crop straw and is one of the environmental protection man-made boards at present. Its insulation is 70% higher than the average house, and the crop straw is reused, reducing the consumption of forest resources.

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