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Selective Identification Of Diatom Mud
Dec 24, 2018

1. It is better to shop around and learn more about diatom mud products before purchase. Want to differentiate a product seriously, to the product of different brand, packaging, should consider integrably from the respect such as quality, price, service, enterprise reputation, true diatom mud is very easy to differentiate, inside 1 square metre metope 1 minute about bibulous 1 kilogram, do not design and color, do not flow mud, a spray pot can identify authenticity.

2. As a new type of functional interior decoration wall material, diatomaceous mud has numerous brands. Please pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

A. function: the hydrophilic diatom mud itself has numerous micropores, and its unique molecular sieve structure determines its strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function. And water is all-pervasive, the method that can use spray water so (water absorption) will differentiate its true and false. Use big spray pot to spray water repeatedly to metope same position 20~30 times, mud of true diatom can absorb water quickly, every square metre metope can absorb water 1 kilogram inside 1 minute, and mud of false diatom won't absorb water or absorb very little water.

B. heavy decorative texture, natural and simple texture pattern.

C. Durability for 30 years: fadeless, pulverized, slag dropping, peeling, etc

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