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The Main Function Of Humidifier
Dec 24, 2018

Entering the modern engineering design, the good environment brings the human body and the product benefit, the factory building, the production workshop, the storehouse, the office and the family environment control more and more receives the people's attention. For example: indoor drying in winter, the air humidity can not meet the standard humidity (40% rh-60% RH), dry environment will lead to water loss, accelerate the aging of life. Humidifier can create the ideal indoor humidity, care for the health of the family. Three basic environmental control methods: 1. Air quality, 2. Temperature, 3. Relative humidity. Relative humidity is the most easily neglected, and appropriate relative humidity control is also one of the important factors corresponding to the energy saving and work efficiency of the factory.

In general, temperature can most directly affect people's feelings about the living environment. Similarly, humidity can also affect people's life and health. As people's living standard improves, air conditioning is widely used, resulting in tight skin, dry mouth and tongue, cough and cold and other air conditioning disease breeding. Science has proved that air humidity is closely related to human health and daily life. Medical research shows, bedroom humidity achieves 45~65%RH, when temperature is in 20~25 degrees, the body of the person, thought all is in good state, no matter work, rest can receive ideal result.

Actually humidifier also has a lot of wonderful use, for example in the humidifier add a few drops of vinegar, can play a role in sterilization. Drip lavender essential oil into your humidifier at night to improve your sleep. The appropriate humidification in the bedroom effectively maintains the wooden furniture does not deform, just brush the wall does not crack. In fact, many benefits, is how to use.

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