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The Reason That All Over The Face Blemishes Unexpectedly It? Do You Understand Coral Towel?
Dec 24, 2018

Sometimes I look at the pockmarks on my face and can't help but ask myself "is it true that I was born with such bad skin?" In fact, it is not. In many cases, the cause of skin diseases does not come from the self, but from the outside world. Have such an article is everybody day and night contact, everyday contact is not taken seriously however, it is towel.

Towels are frequently used in daily life. Wash a face in the morning, take a bath to wipe hair in the evening, wipe sweat to wipe a mouth even, want to "close contact" with skin. Some people think the function of towel is to wipe clean body namely, need too nervous? Yes, it does. Who's going to "clean" it? Know that you are not buying a disposable trash can, but recycling of the "close nanny".

The China home textile association has tested 167 towels for bacteria, and the results showed that most of them contained staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans and e. coli. The bacterium on these towel, get into your skin hair follicle directly inside, the eye frost of the back, elite, face film, water milk all white was used, this is wholesome your skin is poorer and poorer!

Isn't there a good towel?

No, there is.

The fabric of coral velvet towel is soft and comfortable. It looks like the nap of teddy. I want to touch it. And coral towel also has an advantage, it is used for a long time, also won't be like the traditional towel lump dry hard.

Super moisture absorption, dust - proof and easy cleaning. 500ml of water, 5 seconds was completely sucked up, not a drop left, really can be described as a super "instantaneous absorption"! Such excellent water absorption capacity, is the same size of cotton products three times. Now use this towel to wipe hair as long as 3 minutes, do not need to look at hair drips again, still do not hurt hair silk.

Towel is the body outside thing that accompanies us the longest, just be born we are wrapped by towel, when the towel is always stuffed in our back, grew up we often have a towel of our own in the trunk. Choose a good towel, choose a better future of their own.

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