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Went Up CCTV Diatomaceous Earth Footpad Fire!
Dec 24, 2018

Diatoms are no stranger to biology buffs, as they are one of the oldest protists on earth. Over thousands of years of sedimentation and geological changes, the remains of diatomaceous algae evolved into a porous soil called diatomaceous earth.

Because diatomaceous mud is outstanding characteristic, in diatomaceous mud native place -- Japan, it is to use diatomaceous earth to absorb water, adiabatic characteristic to produce commonly: mat of bath floor, cup mat, seasoning, soap to hold wait. Still can use at chest, ambry, drawer to wait for a place, eliminate moisture, peculiar smell, purify air, build comfortable household environment.

And diatom mud floor mat is nowadays super popular one.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural mineral deposited by diatoms millions of years ago. It absorbs water quickly, dries quickly, and can absorb 2 to 4 times its own weight. The absorbed water is converted into water vapor and sent out in the air to act as a humidifier. With this floor mat, you can come out of the shower not afraid to step on the ground very wet. In addition, diatomaceous earth contains weak alkalescent material to restrain bacterial growth effectively, still can save the trouble that washs floor mat. Diatom mud surface has a small amount of floating powder, let you feel the feeling of stepping on the natural soil.

Mould grows it is to need moisture to support, mould grows on the wall to remain bright water to concern with metope more. Diatom mud happens to have good water absorption, so it can effectively inhibit mold. And diatom mud is inorganic material pledges, compare the emulsioni paint that organic material pledges, wall paper is not easy to bear mildew more. So as the suction board of the kitchen is also very good.

The algal soap holder is made of all natural diatomaceous earth, which has the function of hygroscopicity and inhibition of bacterial growth. Very good. High quality diatomaceous earth from changbai mountain is adopted. The content of diatomaceous earth is as high as 60%, which is rich in a variety of beneficial minerals and free from heavy metals. The water cup cushion that makes it cartoon design is very lovely and chic also.

Diatomaceous earth material, good water absorption, moisture-proof, natural diatomaceous earth handmade, moisture absorption, moisture-proof and deodorization, many functions. Put it in a caddy or salt shaker and don't worry about getting wet anymore. Other food cans can be put oh!

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