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What Are The Principles Of Using Kitchen Utensils
Dec 24, 2018

1. Hygiene principles

Kitchen utensils should have the ability that fights pollution, want to have the function that prevents the pollution food such as cockroach, rat, ant especially, ability assures the immanent quality of whole kitchen utensils. Some cabinets on the market have been completely installed with cockroach stick seal, this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

2. Fire prevention principle

The kitchen is the area that USES open fire only in contemporary household, the discretion of ability of fire prevention of material fire retardant, deciding the safety of kitchenware and domestic even, especially the fire prevention ability of surface layer of kitchenware, it is the important standard that chooses kitchenware more. So, the material of the kitchen utensils and appliances surface layer that manufacturer of normal kitchen utensils and appliances produces USES incombustible, flame-retardant material to make entirely.

3. Convenience principle

The operation inside the kitchen should have a reasonable flow, accordingly, go up in the design of hutch utensils and appliances, can press correct flow to design the permutation of each place, use convenient very important to the future. The height of hearth, condole ark is waited a position again, affect the convenient degree that USES directly. Accordingly, should choose the kitchen appliance that accords with principle of human body project and kitchen operation program.

4. Aesthetic principle

Kitchenware asks modelling, colour is pleasing to the eye not only, and should have persistence, because this asks to have easier prevent pollution, good clean performance, material of this requirement surface layer has very good the ability that fights oily be soiled, fight lampblack, make kitchenware can maintain the surface cleanness such as new for a long time.

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