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What Is Diatom Mud?
Feb 27, 2019

Diatom mud is a substance that has been deposited from the cell wall of diatoms for many years. Diatoms are algae that live in the oceans and lakes. Natural diatom mud is mostly pale yellow or light gray, and has the characteristics of low density, porosity, roughness and strong water absorption. Most of the diatom mud products on the market are first ground into a powder and then processed. The most common examples are diatom mud paint and diatom mud mats. In addition, the texture of diatom mud is soft and light, and is a good insulator because it can also be used as a soundproof material.

Diatom mud coatings In contrast to conventional traditional paints and latex paints, diatom mud coatings are actually a more non-toxic and environmentally friendly choice. This is because it is derived from natural algae, and the diatom mud itself has very fine pores, so it effectively adsorbs some toxic substances (such as formaldehyde) and regulates moisture. In addition, due to the high water absorption of diatom mud, if the wall is made of diatom mud paint, the chance of cancer is greatly reduced.

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