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What Should Attention To When Using Diatomite Mat
Feb 14, 2019

1、Do not drop from high altitude, do not hit it hard, do not place it on the carpet that is placed, so as not to damage the product.

2、Place the pattern face up and use it flat.

3、Do not put the shoes on this product, otherwise the stains on the sole will be sucked into the product, which will affect the use effect.

4、 I don't like friends who stand up barefoot. It is recommended to put a towel on the mat and the moisture on the towel will be absorbed. Please feel free to use it.

5、The feeling of micro-powder on the surface of the anti-slip absorbent pad is the powder produced during the material making process, not a quality problem.

6、After use, please put it in the air to dry naturally.

Normal maintenance:

1. If the surface is dirty, please wash it with water or wipe it with a soft cloth or sponge.

2. If you find that the face is dirty and blocked the pores, causing poor water absorption, use a fine sandpaper or a brush to clean.

Regular maintenance: If the water absorption is deteriorated, please put it in a well ventilated place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. It can be restored after a long period of dryness. Avoid direct sunlight and easily cause curling or cracking.

Diatomite Mat

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